BodyOrganiX™  Wellness Center your path to Optimal Health

Prevention is the Key to Best Medicine

BodyOrganiX™ 360° Health MOT

Reversing Disease and Optimising Health

Getting to the root of the problem is imperative,  masking symptoms without treating the cause only prolongs and worsens the complexity of the chronic disease. Evidence-based medicine is at the heart of BodyOrganiX© practice. We use Galvanic and Quantum magnetic Energy testing to understand the individual’s biochemical complexity together with 21st-century genetic tests to form a comprehensive individualized treatment plan for patients.


Why function on your less when you can on your Best by  Optimum health.  Optimal health is more than skin deep.

the route to  Optimum Wellness  Advantage!

The functional 5 R’s


Remove the toxins and allergens responsible for a condition.


Replace the vitamins and minerals needed for a healthy body


Encourage the production of good bacteria in the gut.


Increase the intake of antioxidants to promote cell growth.


Rebalance hormones and the mind to improve health.[

BodyOrganiX  360° Health MOT  Packs

Our unique clinic offers a more holistic approach to total healthcare. We promote total body wellness and offer Pvt GP consultations, Mole Mapping, skin cancer checks and our popular male and female ‘BodyOrganiX™ Health MOT’s’.

BodyOrganiX Programme: 6-Week ‘GET BACK ON TRACK’ Agenda

1. BodyOrganiX Shape-Up for the Party Season
• A 6-Week BodyOrganiX 360° Health MOT package to get you feeling and looking fabulous for the festive season.
2. BodyOrganiX New Year Detox Programme:
• A 6-Week BodyOrganiX 360° Health MOT package to cleanse the body and mind.
3. BodyOrganiX Healthy Mummy Programmes
• A BodyOrganiX 6-Week Post Natal, Back on Track Programme.
• A BodyOrganiX Pre-Natal Health & Fitness Programme.
4. BodyOrganiX Healthy Bride Package:
• For those that say, ‘I DO’ want to be a beautiful bride inside and out.
BodyOrganiX Health MOT Pricing:
Standard health MOT (including blood and urine reports) £600.00
360° MOT + 6 weeks get back on track package £1750.00 with plant natural trace minerals.

During the 6-week programme, you will be invited to attend weekly nutrition, health or fitness sessions. You will also be able to download a BodyOrganiX App that can track your activity levels, diet and sleep patterns. This will allow our health experts to monitor your progress and help us to guide you every step of the way, to the ultimate goal – a healthier you.

Our medical specialists will then repeat your assessments at the 6-week stage.
The BodyOrganiX 360° MOT is not only a great solution for those who feel well and simply want a medical check but it is also great for those who want a more advanced medical programme, for example, those who want to lose weight, for women during and after pregnancy and for those with chaotic, unhealthy lifestyles, who simply want to break bad