About BodyOrganiX™   Wellness Center your path to Optimal Health

BodyOrganiX™  Wellness Center your path to Optimal Health  @BodyOrganiX™  we aim to support our members who want to live  Organically. We do this by promoting BodyOrganiX™  Natural mineral Boosting and herbal detoxing process where we combine the purest organic, cold-pressed oils and freshly infused herbs, sourced from the world’s most ethical producers, and hand blend them in our London workshop to create award-winning Wellness Detox programs and health and beauty products.

BodyOrganiX™ Programs aim at  Empowering  Individuals and Families to Achieve their Optimal Nutrition, Health & Wellness through Boosting Organically source  Natural Trace Minerals and Vitamins, vegetables and supporting products.

Furthermore, Through our comprehensive Natural Organic Minerals & Nutrition and health coaching & Training programs, we support and coach the ones whom they need it most.

BodyOrganiX™  Natural Organic Optimal Nutrition  Health  & Wellness empowers individuals and families through expert guidance, support, and knowledge to take control of their health and achieve a better quality of life, improve current health, and prevent health conditions down the road.  Come to Join Us to revolutionise the way we live !!

Old story with a touch of science by New Adventure

Renu meaning ‘eternal life’ in Sanskrit, began with the combined Sri Lankan cultural heritage of Renu Marley from Ayurvedic family heritage recipes handed down by their great-grandparents who blended oils and infused herbs to create pure, ethically sourced herbal health and beauty products combines with  Carribean touch from Shaun Chisholm, who believes  in natural vegan life to longevity,  These were gentle on the Inner body and  skin yet effective and we  grew whilst staying true to their wisdom and values in addition to supporting and developing the communities who helped provide the sustainable ingredients. Still following the original recipes and hand blending ingredients in our London workshop today, we continue to build even stronger relationships with our global farmers and growers to deliver premium quality, carefully created products which enhance the well-being of our customers.

BodyOrganiX™  has been designed with a classic, timeless combination of elements from our heritage and values along with a contemporary logo. Our ingredients are organic, ethically produced, sustainable, pure, cold-pressed or freshly ground from each season’s harvest producing oils and supplements derived from family recipes which have been handed down through the generations.

The  BodyOrganiX™  the logo is a bespoke lotus mandala, an ancient symbol of balance, mindfulness and peace which has been created from1000 petals surrounding an inner circle, representing the rhythm of life,  of all traditions, the lotus is a symbol of rising out of the material world and into spiritual union with the entire universe, also known as enlightenment vibrant, joyful and happy and complements the soft, the soul is never soiled by the dirt of living like the lotus is untouched by the mud it rises from as it grows which describes freshness, renewal and natural energy.